Research For Spirituality

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We asked a range of students what spirituality meant to them. The most popular responses included these phrases: 

  • Rest for your mind
  • Time to think things through.
  • Values and morals.
  • Inner self
  • Mind and soul
  • Sense of freedom and expression.
  • Religious beliefs and having faith in something
  • Ghosts
  • Afterlife

We are going to represent 4 types of characters to incorporate everyone’s different opinions on what spirituality is. The 4 types of character we wish to use are:

  • Religious Spiritual
  • New-Era Spiritual
  • Non Spiritual
  • Supernatural Spiritual

We are going to incorporate spirituality into our documentary in the way of free expression as well as methods with religious and supernatural connotations. Also, we look to include a character that leads a lifestyle that includes no set spiritual beliefs or values. By using characters that are so different in terms of spiritual beliefs and lifestyle there is an opportunity for character development and creating driven narrative that has drama. It also helps in highlighting the attributes of each individual character due to their differences in their general domineer, the conflict it creates between them and the dissimilarities of their decisions.

New-Era Spiritualty

One character we look to create is one that finds spirituality through free expression rather than other methods. Also, we have found that religious and spiritual aspects aren’t always interesting to a student audience from our survey. Also, we don’t generally find religious or spiritual discussions in shows such as TOWIE and Made in Chelsea that target this audience. We can show this view due to the broadened definition of the term spirituality in the modern western world where religion doesn’t go hand in hand with it. This method of showing spirituality is referred to as post-traditional spirituality. Phillip Sheldrake said that Modern spirituality is centred on the deepest values and meanings by which people live. It embraces the idea of an ultimate or an alleged immaterial reality. By taking this idea it creates a documentary that is intriguing as it is a binary opposite to the materialistic views of TOWIE and Made in Chelsea. By creating this character that holds these core values of finding inner peace and satisfaction through freedom of expression and immaterial lifestyle it gives many routes for possible narrative structures.

Religious Spirituality

Another character we look to include is a religious one. We aim to show the religious aspects of spirituality through the means of this character. There are many angles that can be taken on this, but we have chosen to focus on the Christian lifestyle. We feel that this will be the easiest to convey and understand due to the fact that the majority of people in Coventry are of Christian faith  (53.7%) 2011 Briefing – Religion.pdf (2011 consensus). By applying core values and beliefs of Christian spirituality we will develop the character and a narrative about how they react to outside stimulus. This reaction will also contribute to how we create generic conventions of the Structured reality genre. This is due to the fact that these types of documentaries are structured around drama and conflict. These conflicts will exist between the outside stimulus, other’s values and this character’s values.

No Set Spirituality

This character will exist for a few reasons. Firstly, he exists to create conflict. This is done through discussions with people with beliefs. These discussions also exist to show other character’s beliefs through due to the additional character’s dictations towards him/her. Also, he exists to represent a large view in Coventry, as the second largest religious view in the consensus is no religious belief. Furthermore, in the consensus states that people of the student age in Coventry are more likely to have no religious beliefs than the average person so it is even more important to represent this group.


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